About Me


from Readman He

I graduated from the Computer Science Department at Iowa State University. 

I am advised by Professor Wensheng Zhang in Laboratory for Wireless Networks and Systems, also I am in Carolyn Lawrence-Dill‘s lab as a student programmer to design and implement a data management system of Envirtatron. Before study at Iowa State University, I worked in CRSC (National High-Speed Railway Data Laboratory) as a Software Development Engineer, my team builds the first high-speed railway data center.

I am interested in algorithm optimization in Cloud, especially algorithms implementation for uneven endless streaming data. My main research could particularly answer the following questions:

  • How to determine the maximum windows of two uneven endless data streams whether isomorphic or not?
  • How to improve a pre-defined, high-volume, open-end data streaming for a black box of recommendation system?

In my free time, I play Kendo (3 Dans) and badminton. I also love travels. I have visited more than fifteen countries in the world, I wish I could visit the rest of the world in my rest life.